Palletising and depalletising technology

Meypack palletisers and depalletisers work in layers, which is a particularly low-wear and low-maintenance process covering all performance ranges.
With this philosophy, we cater to high-capacity lines as well as customised production lines, which can be optionally combined in a central palletising system.

Whether packed in trays with lids, full cases, or multipacks, we handle your product gently and efficiently. Even when addressing the steadily increasing demand for shelf-ready solutions, you make no compromise when choosing our layer technology.

We employ a cross-engineering approach. Combined with our modular systems, this approach enables us to respond to your specific requirements.
The variable configuration of our systems facilitates optimal use of the available production space and efficient material flow.

We would be pleased to provide our know-how and many years of experience for your next project.

Modular design

The optimal utilisation of the production area requires flexibility. Depending on the capacity required and the space available, our systems are equipped with a high-level or low-level infeed.

Innovative dynamics

The router system gently handles the product and provides the greatest possible flexibility in layer design. It has established and proven itself, particularly in the high-capacity sector.

Systematic grouping

The elimination of mechanical gap dividers enables quick changeovers to new formats. Gap formation is carried out electronically via the control system.


When it comes to the topic of layer palletising, people primarily think of cardboard cases and trays, but individual products can also be handled with ease using our standard modules.

Conventional layer pushers can be supplemented with vacuum or magnetic technology to always ensure the best possible result.

Minimal noise and maintenance-free

System maintenance is essential for consistently high performance.
To minimise maintenance requirements, we rely exclusively on the use of toothed belts.

Another very positive side effect is the enormous reduction in noise pollution.

Stability in every layer

Safe transport of goods is one of the most important criteria for logistics.

We know that every product has different properties which affect pallet stability. Therefore, we offer the option of adding bottom sheets, intermediate layers, and top frames.

Safe and efficient

Different safety zones ensure a safe workflow. Products and packaging materials can be refilled without interrupting the production process.

Safety first

To safely utilise our systems’ high accessibility, each hoisting frame is equipped with a mechanical anti-fall protection system as a standard feature.

Intuitive touch panel

Intuitively operated, visual analyses enable rapid root cause analysis and troubleshooting, reducing unplanned production disruptions to a minimum.

Global & up-to-date

We offer functional, adaptive solutions with the flexibility to address customer-specific requirements.

Your partner in project management

For us, fairness and transparency are the foundations for effective and successful collaboration.

Everything at a glance

Optimise your machine efficiency by using integrated solutions for visual analysis, accessible through your smart device.


We’ll develop the most suitable concept together with you.