Case packaging technology

Wrap-around packaging makes it possible to save up to 30% on resources compared to case packers using traditional American case design (regular slotted container – RSC).

We offer you numerous possibilities and combinations: wrap-around, tray, and tray-lid solutions as well as combined systems for film-wrapped packs – and if required, all with one system.

Our case packaging systems offer many format configurations and presentation possibilities
at the point of sale.

Product Grouping

A continuous motion process, synchronised via the machine guide axis, enables efficient and gentle product grouping at production speeds reaching into the high-performance range.

Optimal Use of Your Resources

Depending on your production speed, personnel availability, and production duration, we design the magazine capacity of your system to exactly suit your needs.

Fast & Flexible

A multifunctional element for erecting, grouping, and feeding products into the machine, the paddle chain is used in areas such as shelf-ready presentation.

The Right Choice for your Production Area

Our space-saving infeed modules ensure efficient transport of your products from the upstream production unit.

Dividing System

Many adaptive dividing and grouping systems create the most suitable overall concept for each application.

Intuitive Touch Panel

Intuitive, visual analyses enable rapid problem analysis and troubleshooting and reduce unplanned production stoppages to a minimum.

Versatile Packaging Variations

Meypack’s proven lowering principle of the VP400 machine series guarantees space-saving and efficient wrapping of the cardboard blanks around the product formation.

Smart & Efficient

We also develop machine concepts for small batches and quick format changes without compromising on hygiene or ergonomic requirements.

Quality Assurance without Compromise

Optional additional functions such as partition inserters or intermediate layer inserters ensure the flawless appearance of your finished product.

Track & Trace

With integrated systems for product identification and traceability, we support you in your contribution to product safety.

Global & Up-to-date

We offer functional, adaptive solutions with the flexibility to fulfil customer-specific requirements.

Protect your most important resource

Fundamental requirements such as ergonomics and accessibility are included as standard in all basic designs.

Maintain the overview

From the initial concept to the final acceptance, we always have an eye on optimising your overall system effectiveness.

Your partner in project management

Together we develop a safe, appealing and resource-saving solution for your case packaging.


We’ll develop the most suitable concept together with you.