For decades, we have been successfully producing continuous motion solutions to close bags according to customer-specific requirements.

Our range of solutions covers all types of paper and plastic bags, both with and without tear strips.

Meypack bag closing machines provide your solution for modern and consumer-friendly closing techniques based on the proven design philosophy that makes our position in the market so successful.

What's behind this?

Meypack machines are renowned for their ease of operation and maintenance due to high accessibility and short changeover times. The robust design with a minimum of moving parts guarantees the highest possible machine availability, thereby optimising production processes.

Fold and Tape Sealer (FTS)

Sift-proof or hermetically sealed through plastic liners combined with double folds secured with sealing tape, this bag closing technology is far more resilient than conventional closures.

Separately recyclable

Double-layer paper sacks with PE liners are easy to separate after use and thus enable waste to be sorted by type without any additional effort.

Modern &

Thanks to the integrated tear strip, the FTS closure can be opened in a consumer-friendly manner without the packaging fibres falling into the contents.

Continuous Band Sealer (CBS)

To seal plastic bags in a continuous sealing process – using heating bars regulated precisely to the appropriate temperature.

Energy-efficient & reliable

Guided by revolving steel belts, optimum heat conduction is guaranteed without direct contact between the film and the heat source.
This technology is also suitable for the demanding requirements of powdery products.

Highly versatile

Through modular expansion, woven fabric bags can be additionally sewn after the heat-sealing process.

Pinch Top Process (PT/PTS)

This series also offers traditional closing techniques for paper sacks folded once and secured through either adhesive reactivation or reapplication.

For all eventualities

Compatible with all known bagging machines and spreader-feeder systems.


We’ll develop the most suitable concept together with you.