Film packaging technology

Film-based packaging places your product at the forefront and cost-effectively creates an effective marketing appearance. Robust in handling and versatile in use, there are many possible applications available here, also in combination with cardboard packaging.

By using energy-efficient machine components to process recycled films,
we also incorporate sustainability aspects into our product development.


Depending on the scope of services, we create multi-lane and multi-functional concepts tailored to your premises.

High-quality shrink finish

Our tunnel systems work with specialised adjustable ventilation ducts and optional partitions to achieve an appealing shrink result.

Effective advertising at the point of sale

It is possible to create design-specific packaging with print-registered film and easy-opening applications.

Low film consumption

For optimum film use, we use low-wear cutting units with vacuum-assisted technology to generate the ideal film cut length for each pack size.

Gas instead of electricity

Significant energy cost savings of up to 50% by using a flame-free gas burning technology in our shrink tunnels.

Intuitive touch panel

Intuitively operated, visual analyses enable rapid root cause analysis and troubleshooting, reducing unplanned production disruptions to a minimum.

Global & up-to-date

We offer functional, adaptive solutions with the flexibility to address customer-specific requirements.

Ergonomic & smart

Carefully conceived modules such as the retractable film-cutting unit simplify maintenance and cleaning. Semi or fully automated film-roll changes provide additional automation.

Stretch-film wrapper

Extremely thin, pre-stretched film is wrapped tightly around the formation in a continuous process without the need for any additional heat.

Your partner in project management

For us, fairness and transparency are the foundations for effective and successful collaboration.

Everything at a glance

Optimise your machine efficiency by using integrated solutions for visual analysis, accessible through your smart device.


We’ll develop the most suitable concept together with you.